This is a victory as long as the new bus service goes though those streets  which no longer have a bus route, the streets where most of our elderly, vulnerable and disabled residents live.  The devil may well be in the detail.  But this could be something to celebrate........

AROUND 1,000 people braved the rain on Sunday to join the march and rally organised by Black Lives Matter, writes Pete McLaren, secretary of Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

A number of people commented on the impressive numbers the organisers had managed to mobilise in just 48 hours, including the police officer I spoke to at the start of the march. It was certainly the largest march in Rugby in the 35 years we have been living in Rugby, including the large anti-war marches of 2003. The mood was youthful, friendly and positive, and, following pleas from the organisers right at the start, followed self-distancing guidelines to the letter.

People joined the march as it made the relatively short journey to Caldecott Park for a rally, which included poetry, music and speeches, and lasted for over an hour and a half. Expertly compered by Rugby Black Lives Matters, the contributions were spontaneous with no reading from speech notes as is usually the case.

An early and poignant hi...

Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition has been very critical of many of the aspects of the Governments handling of the COVID19 crisis.  We have written to our local Tory MP Mark Pawsey twice outlining our concerns and we await his response with genuine interest.

We would now like to give credit where it is due.  Mark Pawsey has today written to all his constituents calling on the government’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings to resign, or to be removed from office, for the breaking of lockdown rules during the pandemic.  This is absolutely the right call to make.  Dominic Cummings helped draft the lockdown guidelines, and these must apply equally to everyone if we are to collectively beat this virus.

Dominic Cummings broke the lockdown guidance in a number of ways:

    1)     On finding out his wife was ill, possibly with COVID19, he went to see her and then, instead of immediately self isolating for 14 days as per rule, he returned...

Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) has written to local MP Mark Pawsey following concerns it has picked up from residents about certain aspects of the Government’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis.  “We feel that now, with over 10,000 recorded hospital deaths from COVID19 in Britain and over 80,000 confirmed cases, we should take stock and look critically at government strategy”, spokesperson and secretary of the Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Pete McLaren told us today. 

“We did not want to make handling of COVID19 into a party political issue at a time of national crisis.  However, with the numbers of COVID19 cases, and sadly, deaths, rising more rapidly than in most other countries, questions need to be asked.  Jeremy Farar, a Government senior scientific adviser warned at the weekend that the UK could be the worst affected country in Europe

“That is serious.  As a consequence, we have asked Mark Pawsey the following questions:

  • Why did we...

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