We usually meet for an hour outside Rugby Job Centre on Albert St at 1pm on a Friday to talk to claimants and hand out leaflets outlining our concerns about Universal Credit, and whilst doing so, record and then take up any individual cases of the suffering caused by Universal Credit to pass on.  This campaigning has been suspended during the Coronavirus outbreak, BUT PLEASE SEND US DETAILS OF ANY ISSUES UNIVERSAL CREDIT CLAIMANTS HAVE HAD DURING THE CRISIS: WE WILL STILL TAKE THEM UP!

Rugby TUSC MEETS ON THE 3rd MONDAY OF THE MONTH, 7.30pm.  The nest meeting is on Monday September 21st, starting at 7.30pm on zoom - see below  

DURING THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK WE WILL BE MEETING ON ZOOM IN OUR OWN HOMES.  PLEASE FEEL TO JOIN IN - send us your email number to call you in or phone me on 07881 520626


Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) would like to make the following observations on the very recent announcement by Stagecoach to cut back on local bus services:

  • This announcement was made through one local media outlet (Rugby Advertiser) on Thursday January 2nd, with the consultation deadline set for Sunday January 5th.  To allow just three days for consultation on such a wide range of proposed changes is simply outrageous and shows a complete disregard for passenger and public opinion.  We ask that the consultation period be extended by at least two weeks

  • These proposals by Stagecoach will, in our view, further decimate our local bus services which have already suffered massive cuts in recent years.  We would like to remind Stagecoach of the following:

  • Like all private bus companies, Stagecoach receives subsidies from Warwickshire County Council to operate less profitable routes, often...

Residents in Long Lawford have vowed to continue their campaign for a full bus service to be restored to the heart of the village even though Warwickshire County Council agreed to re-route its 209 service to include Long Lawford once a day on a Wednesday and Friday in the New Year

The campaign has the full suport of Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).  TUSC spokesperson Pete McLaren, who lives in the village, gave us a detailed explanation.  “Stagecoach took away its 3A service last January without consultation, leaving elderly, infirm and vulnerable residents who live in the heart of Long Lawford without an accessible bus service. 

“Stagecoach rejected a petition signed by 516 residents, calling on them to at least partially restore the service, back in April.  We sent the petition on to Warwickshire County Council which has a legal obligation to consider funding routes cut by private bus operators.

“The petition has not been considered by any Council Committee...

Warwickshire County Council have taken four months to reject the petition to reinstate a bus service through the heart of Long Lawford.  It does not look as if they have even discussed the demands of the 516 signatories to the petition at Committee or other level.  Details at https://www.rugbyadvertiser.co.uk/news/people/long-lawford-campaigners-disgusted-over-county-council-s-response-to-their-petition-to-bring-3a-bus-back-1-9106536

"Our local Tory MP Mark Pawsey issued a statement on August 29th supporting the suspension of Parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.  He suggested the prorogation of Parliament, as such a suspension is called, was not unreasonable or unconstitutional,” Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition spokesperson Pete McLaren reminded us today

"Now that the Supreme Court has ruled the suspension of Parliament unlawful - illegal - the Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition would like to ask Mark Pawsey what he now thinks about that suspension of democracy. 

"Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament to try and stop MPs from scrutinising his Brexit plans.  It was a complete abuse of his powers, and it should not have taken eleven senior judges to force him to allow Parliament to meet and discuss the key issues of the day, whether that be Brexit or ending austerity.   We call on Mark Pawsey to admit he was wrong, and that Boris Johnson was wrong in th...

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