Seven news hits including letter in Advertiser and front page of Observer -

“The Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) yesterday wrote to local Tory MP Mark Pawsey about austerity, specifically questioning his opposition to a Labour amendment criticising the Queen’s Speech for not having the cap on public sector pay lifted,” Rugby TUSC secretary and spokesperson Pete McLaren has told us.

“We noted that Mark has justified this in the local media on the following grounds:

  • Labour was playing politics knowing full well that their amendment, if successful, would not have led to any changes in respect of the public sector pay cap as this was not a vote on primary legislation

  • We should wait until independent public sector pay bodies make recommendations on public sector pay to the Government later in the year.

  • There have been sacrifices that hard-working people have made to help deal with debts caused by a Labour government and this includes the pay of public sector workers. 

  • We simply cannot repeat the last Labour Government’s reckless...

Members of Rugby TUSC have been working with Rugby Labour Party in the last couple of weeks to help secure a victory for a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour victory.  We are proud to have done that, and delighted that we have been welcomed by Rugby Labour party.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a socialist elected as Prime Minister, hence the TUSC decision, nationally and locally, not to stand on this occasion 

May 25, 2017

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) has confirmed that it will not be standing candidates in the June 8th General Election.  “The TUSC national Steering Committee decided  that there would be no TUSC candidates on June 8th”, Rugby TUSC spokesperson Pete McLaren told us today. 

“We thought hard about this both locally and nationally.  We had a long discussion at our April meeting in Rugby, and initially we did seriously consider standing.  

“However, Rugby TUSC decided that this particular General Election not only gives ordinary working people the opportunity to get rid of an increasingly right wing Tory Government, swallowing UKIPs policies as it does their voters, but it also gives us all the chance to elect a socialist, in Jeremy Corbyn, as Prime Minister.  Fellow socialists like ourselves would only be splitting the left vote if we stood

“Ever since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party, TUSC has supported his left wing views against attacks...

April 18, 2017

“The Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) will be standing candidates in the two central Rugby divisions of Benn and New Bilton & Overslade in this May's County Council elections,” Rugby TUSC spokesperson Pete McLaren told us today. “We took this decision after much discussion, to ensure there is an anti-cuts voice for electors.” 

“It is both local and national TUSC policy not to stand against any Labour candidate who supports Jeremy Corbyn and opposes cuts. However, we found no such evidence in Rugby or Warwickshire. In fact, Labour in Warwickshire supports the Tory £67m cuts package. Rugby TUSC wrote to all opposition councillors on Warwickshire Council last October suggesting they should join together and use their numerical majority to overturn the Tory budget proposals. The Greens replied to say they would oppose some cuts, the Lib-Dems noted our plea, but not one of the 22 Labour councillors even had the courtesy to reply.  

“Furthermore, we wrote to all Labour...

April 17, 2017

“Theresa May’s shock announcement this morning that she will trigger a new General Election on June 8th must be one of the most amazing U-turns in recent political history.

Earlier this year she announced there were no such plans until 2020.  This opportunist about-turn may well back-fire on the Tories with party members already talking about moving to vote Lib-Dem because of the hard line right wing agenda she is pursuing.  Labour could provide a real challenge to the Tories if it gets its act together and unites behind Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist policies.  

This General Election should be fought against the Tory government’s horrendous attacks on working class people:  the £30 billion cuts to the NHS which will decimate health care, the massive cuts to welfare benefits, the underfunding of education and the increasing moves towards even more privatisation of public services, putting profit before people.  

Far more likely, however, in my view, is that a General Election n...

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