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The Trades Union and Socialist Coalition is a registered political party in England.


We take the privacy of all visitors to our website very seriously.


What data do we collect?


We collect membership application details if you submit the online form. These comprise your name and email address.

We retain that data for as long as you remain a member of TUSC.  We do not share that data with any third parties.

We do not have access to any financial details you submit when making payments or donations via Paypal.

We will never share any personal data with advertisers or accept payment in exchange for access to any of the data we hold.


Occasionally, we will use the TUSC website to conduct petitions relating to local campaigns. We will collect only details of your name and address if you sign such a petition, and it will be shared only with the recipient of the petition. That data will be retained until such time as the petition is submitted.




Our website sends ‘cookies’ to first time users in order to identify unique visitors to our site. We will not share cookie data with any third parties. If you wish not to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings to either block the receipt of cookies or to periodically delete cookies on your computer or other device.


TUSC does not automatically collect any personal data or contact information from our visitors. Visitors are encouraged to ‘opt-in’ to receive further information from TUSC and it is clear from the online form what data is collected.

If you have any questions or complaints in relation to the processing of your data, please use use any of the methods of contact supplied on our contact page.


You can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office if you wish to make a complaint or query the use of your data. Go to for more information about making a complaint or call the Information Commissioner’s Office on 0303 123 1113.

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