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Rugby TUSC issues statement on snap announcement of General Election

“Theresa May’s shock announcement this morning that she will trigger a new General Election on June 8th must be one of the most amazing U-turns in recent political history.

Earlier this year she announced there were no such plans until 2020. This opportunist about-turn may well back-fire on the Tories with party members already talking about moving to vote Lib-Dem because of the hard line right wing agenda she is pursuing. Labour could provide a real challenge to the Tories if it gets its act together and unites behind Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist policies.

This General Election should be fought against the Tory government’s horrendous attacks on working class people: the £30 billion cuts to the NHS which will decimate health care, the massive cuts to welfare benefits, the underfunding of education and the increasing moves towards even more privatisation of public services, putting profit before people.

Far more likely, however, in my view, is that a General Election now will re-stoke the fires of racism and division promoted so recently by the far right, including UKIP, before and after Brexit less than a year ago.

Theresa May says she is calling this General Election to promote stability and end division, whereas there is every chance the opposite will be the case”

Pete McLaren, Secretary and spokesperson, Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist coalition (TUSC)


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