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The decision by Theresa May to join the USA and France in bombing Syria this weekend, and without even consulting Parliament, has been condemned by the Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC). “Although we totally oppose the use of chemical weapons by anyone at any time, there is no proof that chemical weapons were used last week in Douma, and, if they were, who used them”, Rugby TUSC spokesperson and former local Stop The War Coalition secretary Pete McLaren told us today.

“If chemical weapons have been used, it is just as likely that the opposition forces used them as Assad. Britain, France and the USA attacking Syria is likely to kill more innocent civilians and make peace in the region even harder to obtain. It will also be seen as yet another unwanted interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation, and another attack on Islam

“We oppose the ‘western’ attack on Syria whether or not Parliament voted for it, which it hasn’t. How would Mark Pawsey have voted if he had the opportunity to do so? He voted in favour of attacking Syria in 2013 –which we criticized him for – so we suspect he would have done the same in 2018. If so, that is a disgrace, and does not reflect public opinion -

.“The hypocrisy of those in the Government who cite apparent use of chemical weapons to justify western intervention is unbelievable.

  • 12 months into the present conflict in Syria, Mark Pawsey’s Government allowed chemicals, including potassium and sodium fluoride, key ingredients in the manufacture of the deadly nerve gas sarin, to be exported to Syria despite 12 months of civil war – go to

  • When Saddam Hussain killed 3,000 of his own people with chemical weapons in 1988, the West did nothing

  • What did the West do when the USA used Agent Orange and Napalm in Vietnam, and Israel used white phosphorous in Gaza?

  • Western invasions in recent years have all led to untold bloodshed and suffering both in the invaded country and in terms of increased terrorism worldwide

“This attack on Syria will not help solve the civil war which is causing so much suffering. Over half a million Syrians have been killed during the present conflict. It will further inflame the conflict, as we have seen with previous US and/or UK led interventions in recent history - Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya for example. It is likely to worsen the deteriorating relationship Britain has with Russia given Russia’s support for the Assad regime, and we can only speculate on what would happen if a US/UK air strike killed Russian technicians or soldiers

“There was little popular support for this weekend’s attack on Syria. If Mark Pawsey supports his Government’s the attack, he is sadly out of touch, and he should understand that his government’s policies could precipitate a major world conflict. We challenge Mark to outline his position: what he should be doing is commit to working towards peace in the region”, Pete McLaren concluded.


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