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TUSC demands answers from local Tory MP who supported the suspension of Parliament.  Media statement

"Our local Tory MP Mark Pawsey issued a statement on August 29th supporting the suspension of Parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He suggested the prorogation of Parliament, as such a suspension is called, was not unreasonable or unconstitutional,” Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition spokesperson Pete McLaren reminded us today

"Now that the Supreme Court has ruled the suspension of Parliament unlawful - illegal - the Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition would like to ask Mark Pawsey what he now thinks about that suspension of democracy.

"Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament to try and stop MPs from scrutinising his Brexit plans. It was a complete abuse of his powers, and it should not have taken eleven senior judges to force him to allow Parliament to meet and discuss the key issues of the day, whether that be Brexit or ending austerity. We call on Mark Pawsey to admit he was wrong, and that Boris Johnson was wrong in the first place.

"In our view, Boris Johnson should not just consider his position, he should resign immediately. He was responsible for an action that has now been ruled illegal, acting as if he was above the law. He has behaved like a dictator. We would hope Mark Pawsey would agree with us and not sit on the fence on this one. It is far too important for that,” Pete McLaren concluded.


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